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2008-01-25 - 12:10 p.m.

I dropped a bottle of milk and it exploded all over the floor. The spilled milk and broken glass looked cool against the black and white tiles, but it was still a drag to clean up.

Hans and I might go see a singer/songwriter tonight named Lucky Fonz III. The songs of his I've heard sound a lot like Leonard Cohen. Unfortunately though, I think it's a sitting room only concert. I prefer to stand at pop concerts, even if the music isn't particularly rockin'.

I haven't written here in so long that it's hard to write something. I guess it don't matter what I write...

I've got a sad face on my right forearm. It was made by the fangs of a scary devil cat. Last saturday we got an adorable little 4yr old fluffy orange cat from the humane society. He was easy, loved lovin' and was playful. As soon as we brought him home he was comfortable. He found a favorite spot, ate, played with some toys and wanted to be petted.
But then suddenly, without any warning, as he was sitting on my lap purring, he sank his fangs into my arm so fucking hard. I jumped up in pain and shock, and he was at my feet wanting some more lovin'.
After a couple of hours I decided that maybe he was just stressed out by his new surroundings and just needed some time to get used to it all. So I went back into his room to pet him a little. He was happy to see me. He walked back and forth in front of me as I sat on the couch with my hand out so he could jump up and butt his head against my palm.
That seemed to be working well, but then he decided to bite my hand. And again, he acted like that was a normal thing to do.
The next day he tried to bite Hans in the same sudden way. So, we both knew we'd never be able to trust this cat and that we had to bring him back to the humane society. That was sad. He was such the perfect cat in every other way. But cat bites fucking hurt!!!!

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